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Artist & Sculptor Suzan Cook


ABSTRACT GESTATION: From LA to West Texas, April 2011, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, TX
Press Release


"Suzan Cook's life is wide-ranging and richly layered. She is an accomplished painter and sculptor who pursues her line of thought tirelessly. She is a devoted wife, mother, and family member. At various times she has been a working partner with her husband in the Texas Legislature and on their ranch in West Texas. She has worked closely with a regional museum in curating an important collection. She has moved across the country to complete her graduate degree, continually building, stretching, and refining her art. She continues to manage all aspects of her life simultaneously and joyfully.

Always, she is an artist first and foremost. The world is her workplace. She brings an artist's sensibility to the most mundane tasks as well as the most challenging concepts. The sheer diversity of her experience outweighs the solitary experimentation. She speaks of "harnessing wisdom" in her art; that wisdom is formed in the onrush of daily life and catalyzed in the crucible of the studio.

For these reasons, Cook's work continually evolves in coherent series. Rather than defining a group of themes and variations, she develops a concept in a clear, almost musical sequence of related images, which in turn leads to the next series. The images pour forth in profusion, yet with a clear and disciplined adherence to the concept at hand.

"This progression of ideas is the hallmark of Suzan Cook's work."
Suzanne Deats

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