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Artist & Sculptor Suzan Cook
  Celestial Phenomena The Familiar
  Discerning Roots
  Wisdom Feelings
  Harnessing Words
  Cosmos Wings
  Repetition Nests
  Music Color


Through art, I communicate my thoughts about life. I grew up exposed to museums in Europe. The impact of this exposure caused art to become a language for me early in life. As proven true in the history of human beings, art records and encapsulates what is going on, what is being questioned, and what is significant.

I am an abstract expressionist. I create art with a fearless passion, anticipating exploring the unknown, encountering accidents and welcoming challenges that lead to complex leaps of growth.  My work explores the order of the universe, celestial phenomenon, cycles of nature, and the intersections of life, and significant concepts that sustain one in a fragile world.

My materials and tools are fundamental to the forms and images I make. Canvas and paper are the foundation for my art, while oils, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and ink form the life. Sculptures of wood, metal, stone, plastic and wire emerge within each body of work.  The energy, movement, repetition, vivid colors, surface and tumbling forms in my work represent my explorations, experiences, challenges and aspirations about life.   My works are simple, yet complex, uncovering my visual language of concepts that transcend thoughts and words. I invite the viewer to reflect on my visual language about life.

Studied Under:
Charles Umlauff, Robert Levers, Octavio Medalline, Fritz Schoelder, Larry Bell,
Lydia Garcia, Linda Ridgeway, Cindy Hurt, Fran Siegel, Claire Romano, Susan Calza,
Ken Leslie

Influential Artists: Christian Bonnefoi, Jaccques Villegle, Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning, Sean Scully, Sam Reveles, Susan Rothenberg, Gabor Peterdi, Kazimir Malevich, Claude Monet, Childe Hassam, Cy Twombly, Richard Tuttle, Isamu Noguchi, Eva Hesse, Andy Goldsworthy