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Artist & Sculptor Suzan Cook

The Essence of Suzan Cook's Art is Progression

Her central concepts progress in wave upon tidal wave of related images, fractal-like, self-referential - a long, rolling series of series, relentlessly surging forward. There is no ebb tide.

Cook is an American painter and sculptor whose work continually evolves in coherent series, rather than as variations on a group of themes and motifs. Each series consists of individual images, like freeze frames, following a clear progression of ideas within the overall concept. Each conducts a conversation with itself, its predecessors, and its successors, in a rhythm that crests and resolves itself. Each grows out of the one before, and all grow out of each other.

Cook's work is elegantly abstract, yet its intelligence addresses ideas on a human scale, incorporating the richness of a life well lived. She articulates each concept in a forthright statement, and then creates her art at the point where words leave off and pure visual language begins. She develops each series in a clear, almost musical sequence of related images; these, in turn, lead to the next series. The art pours forth in profusion, yet with a clear and evolutionary adherence to the concept at hand. This progression of ideas is the hallmark of Suzan Cook's art.